Congratulations on reserving your airtime!

How exactly does television work?

Sometimes participants in our programs are not clear about how exactly television works. This easy-to-read page will help you learn more about how our process works and what to expect, when. Making television is a wonderful and creative profession, but it can only be done with a network of professionals, and it is also a costly affair.

Every year, we reserve all the minutes we want to use for our programs in advance and commit our crew to a number of television hours. This means that all our costs are incurred in advance rather than afterward. Planning is therefore very important to us. Just like space for the creative process.

Attract attention

Reach your target group

Strengthen your business

Strengthen your image

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Boost your conversion rate

You will be on television, but that doesn't mean you have to sit back and wait!

Step 1

You will be transferred by the programme maker to the executive editorial and production team in Hilversum. This happens on the same day. The financial aspect will be handled further by them through a substantive memo that is submitted to our administration department.

Step 4

The time has come, the day of the shoot. Our directors are very experienced in making television and they prefer to record a natural and spontaneous segment. You will therefore not receive interview questions in advance. They are very experienced and will guide you through the exciting process. Relax! Do not forget to enjoy the experience.

Step 2

In the welcome e-mail you received, you were asked to think about available dates for the telephone editorial interview and possible recording days. The executive director and members of the editorial staff will approach you at the agreed time or date, and during the editorial meeting, we will discuss points that are important to you and see where your story fits best in the format and topic.

Step 5

Once we return to Hilversum, we will start editing the footage to create a good final product. This will be sent to you in advance for a one-off reassembly. Take a notepad and write down what you are missing. Keep in mind that we cannot add anything that we haven’t recorded…

Step 3

We are creative people and we do not like to get involved in the details of accounting. For this purpose, we have our administration department, which will handle the business side with you. You will also receive an invoice from them within a few days so that we can get on with our work.

Step 6

Broadcast! Your two minutes of fame. We will send you the broadcast dates and times well in advance. Hand out flyers in the neighborhood ahead of time, share them on social media, make your contacts aware of it!

Congratulations again on reserving your airtime!

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